OUR Story

Originally founded as Xigent LLC. in 2004, CINQ DYNAMICS (CINQ) is a member company of Tribridge Inc. We are a business technology company that serves small to mid-sized businesses. Our products and services offering helps smaller companies to compete with their larger competetors.


These are our core values:


Self Reliance

We believe in empowering your business, and that starts with training the people who run it. When employees are well trained, life becomes easier for everyone.



Being professional is more than a suit and tie. We combine competence with a high business acumen and strong technical skills to get the job done properly.



The key to any relationship is a successful partnership. CINQ DYNAMICS creates long term relationships by providing a responsive, reliable, and rewarding experience.



We value the unique contribution of every individual. CINQ DYNAMICS fosters an open and inclusive environment to more deeply understand the companies we work with.


Adding Value

We add value to the existing talent at your company and help our clients to become high-performance businesses.